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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Funday goal manifest

Just Another 20 Something here... I had a conversation with my dad this weekend about my blog. He suggested something that I am going to try out this week. I am going to start on Sunday and outline my goals for the week. I will continue to discuss how im achieving those goals and when I complete them throughout the week. So lets try it out, and see if It gets me anywhere. These are the goals for my week.

1. Send out 25-30 resumes this week
2. Visit 5 different WiFi spots in the area while looking for place with openings
3. Get up before 9 AM every weekday
4. Get threw 3 Chapters of the GRE book (outlines, cards, and test!)
5. Try 2 new recipes… Something other than chicken stips!
6. Take a hike threw a canyon this weekend

I have decided that im going to do three personal goals and three professional goals each week. This will keep not only my mind but my body moving in the direction I want to be headed. I am shooting for 3 chapters of my GRE book each week. That way I can study new subjects, but also continue to study the material so I get a grasp of what they are TRYING to say.

I say that because the GRE books SUCK! They really are not that helpful , but I feel that they can help me try to break through the bullshit. I have also started looking into new programs at schools in cali.

My original goal was to take the GMAT and get into an MBA program, but I have recently been looking into a credential program for education. Im really not that sure what I want to teach, but I really like kids and would love to work with them.

I think I would like elementary education, but im not sure what that would take with the BA that I have. O, how I love being in a quarter life crisis…..

What do you think? Are my goals on track? Any ideas about how could get a masters in elementary education?

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