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Friday, April 9, 2010

Its in the WATER.... DAMN IT!

Just Another 20 Something here... talking about growing up. Maybe its spring time, maybe its just part of growing up, or maybe its in the water but it seems like everyone i have ever known is either getting married or having babies. JEEZ! Every morning i wake up and check my facebook and for the past week everyday i have found a new person either preggo, engaged, or just married! YIKES! when did we get so old? LoL! but it leaves me sitting here thinking about my own wedding. although i am not technecally engaged just yet that hasent stopped me from starting to plan the whole event. Heres what i have been coming up with:

My ring... yes im that crazy that i have actually picked out the ring that i want. its not traditional because I dont really like the traditional engagement ring.(im not really a jewelery wearer either) i chose an ametthyst because they are a stone of the mind, and they help bring clarity and calmness where there is anxiety and confusion. they are also a symbol for the piecies which is Mr. Mans sign.

The color scheme: Chartreuse and deep purple

I love purple and Corey loves green so it goes without saying these have been our colors for years. Once again, im not engaged but yes i have picked out the date of our wedding... we both agreed a long time ago. Our wedding date will be Novermber 20, 2011. We chose this date because it will be our 10 year anniversary and in numeriology it equals 8 which is a sympol of forever. Plus its Mr. Mans favorite number. i started to look at invatations and this is what i really like so far:

and this is what im thinking as our engagement and save the date photos.... mostly because you can do it yourself and save money!

My wedding party will be dressed in the same color scheme of course, but i really like the idea of separates or individual dresses. i want them to have the same colors but i want them to pick the dress that they think will fit them best. NOW of course these bitches cant be showing off their booty and boobs in the dresses cause its about ME LoL but i want them to be comfortable all night! i am going to have a rather large wedding party because i have TOO many great friends LoL! but i was thinking about splitting up the colors. half green half purple, but im having a REALLY REALLY hard time finding the right color of green dresses that aren't an arm and a leg! im trying to be a reasonable briedzilla and know that im not going to make them buy a $500 dress they will never wear again. heres what i have been looking at:

The venue... well i really would like to get married at home in OC. Just because that is where we were born and raised. i always had a dream of getting married in this church:

but Mr. Man will not get married in a church which i understand because neither one of us are religious and either are our immediate families. i have been look at Strawberry Farms Golf Course recently in Irvine... i love the look of the barn for the reception but i dont really love their ceremony sites.

Finally my dress... i love the traditional A line wedding dress. just because it makes someone of my size and stature look great! so i have been looking at these dresses but i havent even gone to look at them so who knows what i will chose!

I love weddings and i cant wait to go to more in the next coming years... and i cant wait to be able to really plan my own! hopefully Mr Man will get his act together and put a ring on it! LOL! i mean i did catch the bouquet at my brothers wedding LoL!

Well Happy Friday everyone... hope you weekend goes well and the rain stays away!

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