There's no point to any of this. It's all just a... a random lottery of meaningless tragedy and a series of near escapes. So I take pleasure in the details. You know... a Quarter-Pounder with cheese, those are good, the sky about ten minutes before it starts to rain, the moment where your laughter become a cackle... and I, I sit back and I smoke my Camel Straights and I ride my own melt.
~ Reality Bites

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lazy Post for a busy saturday afternoon

Just Another 20 Something here... being lazy with todays post! I got up went to the farmers market (which i didnt find) and shopped for some great veggies at sprouts. now im off to clean and do laudry so i leave you with a lazy post survey:

Five names you go by:
1. KTB
2. Katie
3. KTB from OC/DC/AZ
4. Bitchy (dont ask)
5. Kate

Three things you are wearing right now...not necessarily in any order
1. new socks =)
2. jeans
3. my purple plumeria earrings from hawaii

Two things you want very badly at the moment.
1. To be in hawaii
2. to have a job!!!

Two people you know that will do this.
Seeing as though i stole this from Andi from over a year ago... i dont think anyone will do it! LoL

Two things you did last night:
1. Made Shephards Pie for the first time
2. baked cupcakes for my cupcake

Two things you ate today
1. My Starbucks
2. samples at sprouts

Two people you last talked to on the phone
1. Corey
2. My dad

Two things you are going to do tomorrow
1. Clean the house!!!!
2. go to the street fair by coreys school

Three of your favorite beverages
1. Quad venti iced carmel Machiatto with EXTRA EXTRA ice
2. ice cold sprite
3. anything with coffee or soda as corey says

"The national addiction: Warmth on a chilly night, Innocence on Saturday afternoons, The essence of health, home and blissful abandon." -Patricia Linden

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