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Friday, April 2, 2010


Just Another 20 Something here... thinking about goals! What are your goals? are they long term or short term? what do you do after you finish you goals? i feel like goals are the staircase of life. once on goal is finished there are still more to come. Recently goals have become a bigger part of my life. Whats the difference in a short term vs a long term goal.

A short term goal is one that will be achieved in the near future ie: a week, a month. a Long term goals are goals that will be achieved in a longer period of time ie: this semester, a year, five years. I believe its best for a person to know their goals and look at them ever so often to keep you understanding where you stand within your goals. Some people keep goal books and write it down in journals. Mine will be this blog. Keep me motivated to continue on my path.

My Short Term Goals:
2. Keep Busy with Resumes
4. Start studying again for the GREs
5. Loose weight!
6. get out once a day to write and be with other humans

Long Term Goals:
1. PASS THE GRE!!!!!
2. Find a job
3. Find a Career that you love
5. stay healthy

Now that they are out and i have to look at them the next step is to take action. Sometimes having so many goals can affect the you react to them. its hard to be motivated when things never seem to change, but i have achieved my goals before. i graduated college in record time. now i just need to find myself a way to keep motivated. i think rewards for your self can really help the keep you motivated toward your goals. my short term goals rewards are small but affective. like if i keep not smoking...closer i get to a personal trainer... and the closer i get to staying healthy. (plus if im gonna get married one of these days i have to lose the chubbs... who wants to marry a chubby girl) LoL.

Recently my GREs have been taking a back burner! they really need to come into my top priorities. i have set rewards for myself. if i studied 3 to 4 times a week i should be ready to take the test in a lil over a month. if i pass it then im going to give myself a trip to the east coast to see the DCers LoL.

One of my long term goals that i plan to achieve is a 5 year plan. We want to move to Hawaii, and Kauai to be specific. It seems extreme but i feel like i would be happier within my existence.... i mean how could you be unhappy in paradise. i want to raise children on the islands. slow down my life, and understand the family and friends come first. What do you think?

What are your goals? short? long? how do you think your going to achieve them? how do you reward yourself? whats your five year plan?

"I can't take the direction of the wind, but i can adjust my sails to always reach my destination" Jimmy Dean

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