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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Are you gonna pay my BILLS...

Just Anther 20 Something here…. Thinking about BILLS! The death of our existence! I should be in Cali right now enjoying some quality time with my family, but DAMN those bills! It turns out I just don’t have the cash to get to cali right now! It makes me so mad, but what else am I suppose to do they gotta get paid right? So what is it about bills that can just ruin your day?

I can’t tell you how many of my friends are dealing with the same stuff. American University is an EXPENSIVE school, and 90% of us had to take out student loans! I have more than 3 friends that are over $100,000 in debt due to school. SCHOOL! Isnt school suppose to make it easier to get a job? May I tell you too, that with paying all that money for school… Most of us don’t have jobs!

I’m very lucky to have had my dad help me out with school. Most of us don’t have the opportunity, and I value that fact that my parents thought it was VERY important to provide their kids with a college fund and encourage them to continue their education. But still DAMN THOSE BILLS! They restrict your life, and make living almost impossible with out help.

Well im off to try to find a job to pay those damn bills! Hopefully all of your remember that all of your bills should be coming in the mail in the next week. BOOO! I also want to remind everyone that TAXES are due next week. Im going to be spending the next week trying to find a place in AZ to do Mr. Mans taxes

Good luck to you all! I hope you all get BIG FAT TAX REFUNDS!

“The only thing certain in life is Death and Taxes!”- Benjamin Franklin
“Death and Taxes may be certain, but we don’t have to die every year” – Unknown

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