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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

what do you want for your children

Just Another 20 Something Here... Thinking about what it takes to be a parent. as any 20 something can tell you, once your friends and family start having kids you notice how people parent. I always make decision on watching others, maybe thats just me. but in my head im always watching and deciding if i want to do that with my kids. I learn from other in most things in my life so its only natural i do it with this step. alot of the time i watch and see what i want to be with my kids! i see how happy my friends are with their kids, and how everything is just more exciting.

This starts to get me thinking on how i was parented. There are alot of things that i would want to change, but i think thats just part of every child parent relationship. My parents took an interested in me and that made me a better person in-turn. I also look into how Mr. Man was raised. i see how not having a great female role model in his life as affected the way he views women. The only women who was suppose to always be there for him NEVER WAS! it makes me sick! and really its none of my business because he doesn't let it affect him as a person, but as a women its hard not to have an opinion.

How could you just forget about your first born child! i dont understand it, and it kills me to know that the only positive female role model hes ever had has been me. im not trying to be a snot about it, but its true. it makes me want to be a better women for him. to show him how a real women behaves, and that a real women that will never leave him! Mr Mans dad and grandfather have really been all he has had. Mr Mans dad has had his own share of problems, but no matter what he was always there for him. and His grandfather made him the jokester that he is. i value the things they taught him, but we both know that we want something different that what we had.

Its not that our lives were bad or that we dont love where we came from. i think its just part of growing up that you reflect on your past and plan for your future. It makes me look back and feel really lucky to have had such a great family. We have our share of kookiness like any family does. in fact i dont think its family unless its a lil kooky!! i can only hope that i provide my kids with a great family environment like i had.

Today i leave you with the thought about your paretns. Did the way you were raised influence the you want to raise your kids? What would you change? what would you keep? Whats the most important part of being a parent?

"Before i got married i had six theories about raising children, now i have six children and NO theories" - John Wilmont

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