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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Be who YOU are

Just Another 20 Something here.. talking about social issues of our day. So this morning i woke up to a video on with laura bush stating her views on gay rights and abortion. Being so far left that sometimes its hard for me to see the other side it was nice to see that! LoL i guess i should say im not a complete and crazy left'er. i have a lot of conservative ideas also, but i tend to lean left on all issues when it comes to the social aspects of our society.

After posting the link to the video on my facebook, i realized that maybe that was not the smartest thing to do. Most of Mr. Mans family are religious and these are two issues where i am probably a lone wolf LoL! shortly after posting the link there was a comment from his cousin. She is a very intelligent women who home schools her children. obviously i believe she is a great women and is extremely intelligent, but we have COMPLETELY different views on life. My life is something i chose to make as an individual decision while hers are affected by her religion. obviously we will never have the same view so debating does nothing to that fact, but sometimes its nice to have a mature debate with someone.

We debated back and forth, like i tend to do with everyone in my life, and i realized something... although our views on social issues differ i enjoy being a person that is able to discuss social issues. i enjoy being able to get my point across maturely and intelligently. i hope to all hell that i did not offend her or cause her to have any negative feeling toward me.

My parents and friends will tell you the same thing. i have always had these views. i was 6 when my uncle died of aids and i found out what it meant to be gay. Even to a 6 yr old it did not make sense to me why someone would judge another person on their sexual preference. that set up YEARS of me telling people they were wrong for make snap decision on someone else's life. with my years of mature since then i have begun to let go of it. i cant change other peoples views nor should i, we all have the right to have the decision. its wither we let those views divide us that really matters. Most of my friends are not leftys like me and most of them are republicans. and i will never let my opinions come between our friendships and relationships.

i leave you today with the thought about what makes you have your political views? is it your parents? your life experience? or is just you?

"A Conservative is a Man with two perfectly good legs, who, however, has never learned to walk forward."- FDR ( god i love his quotes)

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