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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Support your local Community Coffee shop

Just Another 20 Something here... talking about supporting your community. Maybe its just the way i was raised, but i LOVE community coffee shops and stores!!! they make me feel a connection to the place im living. OC is so damn crowded that community stores and shops close quickly due to lack of service. This week i got lucky enough to have one of my wonderful friends visiting me on the surface of the sun. We planned to get up early and to find a coffee shop that we can both hang out at while her and her boyfriends study (the are both taking the bar in July, So they are superrrr busy studing their butts off).

A couple of weeks back while Mr. Man and I were driving around we found old town glendale. its a great street that totally reminds me of home. It looks just like Downtown Fullerton!!! The community coffee shop that we found is right in that area! its a great place made from an old 1920's bungalow home! it creaks when you walk and you can smell the history in this place! AHHH hippes you make me happy!!!

So now i sit her sipping on my Carmel Macchiato look at the great day threw the old glass windows. i forget how much i enjoy getting out of the house and coming to a community shop like this. not only does it stimulate the local economy it also encourages other people to be willing to open up community stores instead of a chain brand. These stores bring flavor and personality to a street and community. They attract new and different people. This shop also has music events!! i miss this kind of coffee shop!! DC had them all over the place, and brings me back to my great days of college LoL!!!

Today i leave you with the thought of community stores. Do you have any in your local Community? what makes them unique? do you protest community stores and stay with chains? what could you do to help simulate the local economy in you neighborhood

"Every single American has the power to stimulate their local economies: not by spending more, but by supporting local businesses. In economic theory, more local spending translates into less "leakage". This means a greater percent of the money spent actually stays and circulates within the region, supporting more employment, investment, goods and services. Local spending leads to economic multipliers that strengthen the regional economy." -Jeanine Pfeiffer from "Eco-patriotism and Stimulating your local economy!!

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  1. I completely agree with you. My favorite coffee shop closed down a few years ago and there are far too many Panera Bread's in this world. It's incredibly tough being an independent business owner. I always make an effort to shop locally as opposed to franchise. However, I've got to say, it can be very tough when money is tight. Just looking for baby stuff, is always 20% less than anywhere else. I've opted to yard sale shop for most of our stuff. You've inspired me to stop somewhere other than a Dunkin Donuts for coffee today. Great blog. Miss you!